Sex Addiction

It’s not easy.

The destructive cycle of sexual addiction comes in many different forms: Online pornography. Risky, unsafe, or anonymous sex. Patronizing prostitutes. 

Excessive masturbation. Multiple affairs – in person or online. 

Exhibitionism. Voyeurism.

It may feel impossible to connect with your partner (or anyone) intimately.

You may be facing the loss of a job, a marriage, or the threat of arrest. Or your health may be in danger because of the risks you take. 

These consequences will get worse as sexual addiction progresses over time.

Unfortunately, asking for help is tough. Embarrassing.

Talking about any sexual behavior, period, is difficult. It’s private. That’s true for anyone.

But for those struggling with sexual addiction, carrying the burden of these compulsions can feel especially shameful.

In fact, the “double life” most addicts live can be even more painful and debilitating than the behavior itself.

But you don’t deserve or have to live in shame.

You just need help and compassion – because as with any addiction, it’s pretty much impossible to recover on your own.

Sexual addiction rarely occurs in a vacuum. It’s often rooted in early attachment relationships in life, different forms of trauma, abandonment, and toxic shame.

Effective treatment must address your physical, emotional, and even spiritual well-being.

Conquer the past. Face the present. Flourish in the future.

I offer individual, family, and group therapy to treat sex addiction and to help you and your loved ones recover from its impact.

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